On this show reel I have included projects from across several years. I had to ask for links to the footage as I don't have the raw rushes or edits, so the image quality and bit rate is very low - please don't hold it against me (and definitely don't watch it full-screen...). Where the branded content projects allow for planning, preparation, storyboards and recces, I feel this reel demonstrates my ability to work with whatever location I am faced with. It's difficult to exemplify in a fast paced edit, but there is also an element of ensuring coverage of events that are not controlled and telling the story of days or events as they unfold. Bellow are some full examples of this as well. 

Monocle Magazine X Invest Bavaria

With short notice I jumped on this week long shoot in various locations in Bavaria, showcasing the all the benefits Germany's largest state has to offer those who choose to live and work there. I was involved with gaining access and permissions to locations, scheduling an itinerary and editing the piece, as well as shooting.

StubHub Rising Stars - Tottenham Hotspur Foundation

I planned, shot and edited this day long event, according to my clients input and brief. We utilised a mini-jib for some sections and otherwise followed the general unfolding of the day, as well as conducting multiple Vox-pop style interviews, getting relevant sound bites and messages.

Education and Training Foundation

We spent a day with one of the ETF's maths teachers, using interviews to convey what the ETF does. In addition we shot various classes being taught, capturing moments of interaction as they happened.

Cow and Gate commercial BTS

I shot and edited this behind the scenes soc med content. We shot a little bit on the set whilst the commercial crew was at work, obviously staying out of their way. In addition we filmed with the parents and toddlers in the holding area and conducted some vox pop interviews.

Euromaxx - County Kerry

Over two days I shot this piece in Ireland. The schedule was rammed and we barely had a moment to sit still, but I feel it's a nice little excursion for the viewer! And looking back on it, what a beautiful part of the world!

Euromaxx - Birmingham

This was all shot over a (very long) day in Birmingham, and seeks to show the viewer a cross section of what the city has to offer, from historical to culinary treats.

Euromaxx - Herman Ze German

We shot this profile for the german fast food outlet in London. It's a cute success story for these two, as they built their sausage business from university, to having two restaurants in central London. As one of them put it: "I never imagined I would end up selling sausages!"

Euromaxx - Recycled Paintings

In this piece we spent a day with artist Jane Perkins, who recreates famous paintings and photographs using little pieces of plastic, toys, beads, bottle caps, you name it.

Euromaxx - Plymouth

Over a day we filmed at multiple locations in Plymouth to showcase this old port town. From the steps leading to the famous Mayflower (taking the first Puritan colonists to North America) to Plymouth's Gin museum. Luckily the sun was out for us too!

We worked with Tinman and J2O to create this content for Facebook and Instagram. We shot 9:16 natively and resized for 1:1, keeping framing and composition in mind for this.

Dir.: Rob Pitman

We shot this natively 9:16. They say never to work with animals, but these little piggies were a delight! We first filmed the piglets shots without the human talent and then pieced the frames together so as to minimise time.

Dir.: Ryan Mansfield

Over the course of 2 days this stills shoot captured Belstaff's A/W '19 collection. We were brought in to capture moving images alongside and managed to do so without disrupting the stills shoot. Thinking quickly and finding angles that did the vibe justice was the key. All in all a very smooth and fun shoot (but cold!....).

Dir.: Ryan Mansfield

We teamed up with One Green Bean and Hotels.com to create this. Over one full shoot day in Mallorca, with local models, we showcased a Mermaid exercise class! Without the possibility of a recce, we had to be agile and adaptive. The good weather in the Med definitely worked for us!

Dir.: Harriet Macdonald

We pulled this one off over the course of one and a half days in Denmark. The stunning scenery on Romo beach provided a very dramatic back drop for this race between a Bentley Bentayga and a couple of Kitesurfers. We definitely definitely didn't break the speed limit though....

Dir.: James Lovick

We worked with Rolls-Royce directly to create this piece to promote their work on Airplane testing. Again we had no opportunity to recce and very limited time to capture all the relevant aspects of their fascinating work. Oh! And they have really cool gun that fires silicon moulds (...pigeons) at rotor blades!

Dir.: Becky Griffiths

Over the summer of 2019 I had the pleasure of travelling to some beautiful destinations within Europe for lastminute.com. We travelled light and fast, covering 7-8 locations per day. This is a cut I put together to showcase some of that work. With this shoot I have to say I really loved using the DJI Ronin S with the Fuji X-T3! Dubrovnik was a personal fave!

Dir.: Bronagh McKenna/ Conal Reid

Over the course of about a week we spent our days following members of various departments at Croydon University Hospital as they go about their business. This shoot was super kinetic! Never knowing where we'd be next, what lighting conditions, whether we would have to move on asap...quite exciting really! This is a longer cut than was finally delivered, but I like it.

Dir.: Bronagh McKenna 

Camera: Conal Reid/ Jeremy Wright

This is one video of several I shot for Kellogg's and Digitas as part of a series of reactive videos, linked to promotions and competitions Kellogg's were running. Always fun to get a bit of slow-motion on the dried up berries falling.

Dir.: Ryan Mansfield

One murky (actually quite mild...) afternoon in Shoreditch (THE Shoreditch) we chucked a bunch of soc-med influencers in a five a side field with the legends that are Paul Merson and Dennis Wise and had a bit of fun! All in the name of Slash Football. Enjoy!

Dir.: Ruskin Kyle

To highlight some misconceptions around gender and the roles we inhabit in our daily lives based on it, this film was created. A few little guys and gals were invited to chat about engineering and engineers and to draw what they thought a car engineer looks like. It was very sweet to watch their reactions! And it hopefully challenged some viewers views in a positive and constructive way.

Dir.: Eliot Carroll

This is a one-man-band job that I did for Celebrity Cruises. As you will see I headed down to their stand at the Taste of London event in Regents Park. I covered the events of the day as they happened, and grabbed some quick interviews with the key people. This I feel is a good example of my ability to react to what's in front of me, and making sure I've got good volume and variety of good footage to piece a day together in the edit. 

Miscarriage is a terrible tragedy to befall any couple. We filmed various couples for the charity Tommy's who agreed to open up about their feelings and experiences, to try and start an often taboo conversation about the trauma of miscarriage. From a technical standpoint this was a very straight forward set up in terms of cameras and lighting, but sometimes less is more, and you must leave space for the people to tell their story.

Dir.: Eliot Carroll

Similarly to the Tommy's piece, we interviewed a variety of people who were suddenly thrust in to the role of carer. Here's Margarets story. Carers are often 'invisible' to the wider public, and this is a concept  we played with in the execution of the interviews. It came together nicely, but it was an odd experience filming an empty chair...

Dir.: Eliot Carroll